Free SEO Course Online – 25 Days Complete Video SEO Course   

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Learn how to drive more customers to your site with the SEOFREETIPS SEO training course. 

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In This Video Series Course ,You will learn:

  1. SEO Basic:Types,concept and Terms
  2. Keyword Research:How to find Gold Mine Keywords From start to End.
  3. On Page SEO:Basic and Advanced
  4. Perfect Site Structure for SEO :How to design your site for higher rank.
  5. Link Building:Basic and Advanced
  6. Black Hat SEO :Complete Tutorial
  7. How to sell your SEO Service as an agency or freelancer
  8. SERP Features (a.k.a. Featured Snippets):-How to Appear in Google’s Answer Boxes
  9. How to Track your ranking: Free and automate
  10. How to index each of your backlinks : in Google,Yahoo and Bing
  11. Bing SEO Complete Tutorial
  12. Image SEO
  13. Video SEO:How to rank your each video in YouTube,Google and related video section.
  14. Local SEO: How to target local clients
  15. How to get paid SEO Tools for FREE.
  16. How to start link building campaign for Brand New Site
  17. How to Increase Domain Authority on Very fast speed.[You will not find this method on Internet.]
  18. Site Optimization & Best Practices
  19. SEO Tools
  20. SEO Certification :Once you complete this course
  21. Real+Live Case Study
  22. Quiz After Each video to test your Knowledge
  23. On Page optimization for Mobile
  24. Google Analytics and Search Console Tutorial to understand it.
  25. Competitor Analysis: How to steal traffic and rank from your Competitors.
  26. Blogspot SEO:How to rank your blogger blog in Google

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