How To Increase Alexa Rank Quickly -Secret Revealed

how to increase alexa rank

How To Increase Alexa Rank Quickly 2016

Have you tried to searching  tips to increase Alexa rank quickly over the internet ?  And feeling boar and tired  to read phrase like  “write uniques , quality or regular post”? I know the secret of increase Alexa rank quickly and will be happy to share with you. If you have good alexa rank , it will be good to making money though internet.

But before further reading , I want to  clarify  that posting regularly , posting great and unique ontent will NOT help you to increase Alexa rank .Increase alexa rank quickly

Do you worry about your website/blog poor Alexa rank? Here are proven tips on how to increase Alexa rank. I believe you’ll be amazed with fast and quick results of the strategies I’m about to share with you.

What is Alexa rank?

Increase alexa ranking quickly

Alexa rank is a measure of traffic rank of a website/blog as compared to other websites on the internet. Alexa doesn’t give concise traffic estimate of a website (number of traffic or visit). Its metric gives traffic comparison. A website with Alexa rank of 1 has the largest pull of traffic.How to increase Alexa rank

The lower the number the better. A website with Alexa rank of 10000 is better, in terms of traffic than a website with Alexa rank of 20,000. That is why you need to work on how to increase Alexa rank of your website.

It has become obvious that any time we say increase Alexa rank of your site, we actually mean improving the ranking by taking the figure down. You can remember hearing phrases like:

Alexa top 10 website 

Alexa top 100 website
Alexa raking below 100,000
Alexa failure to give the actual number of visits to websites might make it look insignificant. and is compounded if I tell you Alexa rank isn’t an accurate estimate of website traffic level. Do you really know that

Alexa rank can be tricked. Lot of bloggers and webmaster increase Alexa rank with trick. They employ black hat methods. there are a lot of  black hat methods to increase Alexa rank fast and quick.

Alexa rank, upon all these, still remains the top performance metrics used to assess the quality, usefulness and popularity of a website. That is the reason you see webmasters struggling to lower the Alexa rank of their website.

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Alexa  Ranking factors –

Bloggers/Web Masters are the people who install Alexa Toolbar on to their browser, so try to get traffic from them Alexa rank measures only the visits that trigger their system eg –
  • If you get 100 people who installed Alexa Toolbar daily then you should get a Alexa below 100,000 in the next one month.
  • To get Alexa Below 50,000 you should get about 200-250 per day.
  • To get Alexa Below 20,000 you need to get around 300-500 visits, who have installed Alexa toolbar.
  • To get below 10,000 you need to get around 500-800 visitors per day.
  • If you have about 1000-1500 visitors who installed Alexa toolbar then you can easily get your Alexa below 5000 in the next one month.

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But why Alexa ranking is that important?

“It is simple. The answer isn’t far-fetched. One of the main goal of website is to generate income. And the revenue comes from the third-party. Advertisers use Alexa rank of a website to assert the viability of their investment on the website”

Your website Alexa rank creates the first impression. Advertisers’ sight are caught by the Alexa rank status of a website. If they are satisfied with the rank, they dig down to other ranking metrics such as Google page rank.

in shorts 
• Alexa measure is comparative tool for your industry.
• used by advertisers to get website marketing potential.
• website with higher Alexa rank attracts more advertising and get more ads.
• “Same for all”, pages and website traffic are measured in the same way.

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Some Myths about Increase Alexa Rank –

Before revealing secret  of increase Alexa rank , I  will like to make you familiar with the myths those don’t work anymore but still you are using them.These are the facts which don’t work anymore to increase Alexa rank. But people still belive and waste their time to using these techniques –

Myth#1. Posting Regularly –

Regular post neither help to seo nor for increase Alexa rank. You have read it right. Posting regularly without right type of content only can waste your time but can’t help you to increase Alexa rank. Writing twice a week is enough for better seo as well as for increase Alexa rank.

Myth#2.Posting 2000 words post –

Posting big content help you to rank higher in google but not to increase Alexa rank. Same writing unique or great content wont help you to increase Alexa rank.

Myth #3: Claiming my site affects its rank.

Claiming your site has no effect on rank and you don’t need to claim your site to get measured by Alexa. Claiming your site (which is a free service) and keeping your site description and contact information up-to-date ensures you won’t miss out on any potential business opportunities from the millions of people who visit Alexa every month.

Myth #4: Installing an Alexa widget will improve your rank.

No, the Alexa rank widgets allow you to promote your site’s rank to your site’s visitors. The widgets are not used to measure a site’s traffic.

Myth#5 Alexa Paid Service –

Alexa charges only for give you an insight view of your site like Google Analytics. Alexa behaves same for all user either they have paid or Not.


So these are the myths which don’t work . So you are wondering that what are the actual tricks which work to rank higher and to increase Alexa rank. O.K mate lets start..

Secret No.1 Certified vs Estimated  site metrics

At first time when you register free or paid to Alexa , it provide estimated site matrix for new website and after some days when your site goes old about 15 days or more and start getting good traffic You see certified site metrics.

O.k so what here  you need to do ? Never show certified site metrics . Always show estimated site metrics.  Because certified site metrics increase very fastly rather than certified site metrics.

I am sure you are reading it first.Am I right ?

Secret No. 2 –  Cyber Cafe Tricks

Contact your Near by Cyber cafe owners to Install the Alexa Toolbar in their P.Cs and set your website as a Homepage. Pay them for this work on the monthly bases or It depends upon your deal. You will get a more referral traffic from the alexa toolbar installed web browsers and it will help you to get higher Rank. You can do the same in your office too.

Secret No. 3 –  Bring some visitors to your site’s Alexa page regularly

It is the second  secret guys, that I try to do regularly. You may still have doubts about this fact. Actually, The page where you check your Alexa ranking is meant above and your Alexa page should be like this http://alexa.com/siteinfo/9able.com.  First, start visiting your Alexa siteinfo’s url regularly, at least 3-6 times per day. Then, try to get some views to there. My recommendation is to try this regularly and see your rank is improving quickly.

Secret No. 4- Focus on getting traffic from webmasters

The reason for the need to source for traffic from webmaster is to improve your traffic count by Alexa. Webmasters most of time do install Alexa toolbar on their browsers to track their website Alexa ranking and peep into competitors sites.

Google Engineer Matt Cutts mentioned how his blog is favoured with webmaster Alexa rank bias over ask.com. Here are few tips to increase Alexa rank with webmasters visits on your blog:

Secret No. 5 –  Write on SEO, blogging and Internet marketing

Aside from writing quality content, optimise some of your contents to increase Alexa rank is important. Articles based on blogging, SEO, internet marketing help grow Alexa rank of the website. These kinds of content attract webmasters who might have installed Alexa toolbar.

Secret No.6- Leverage dynamic IPs:

Browse your website daily on dynamic IPs. You work on your website on a daily basis. Isn’t it? If you browse on dynamic IPs, each IP is counted by Alexa as a visit. This count as part of traffic for ranking your website. This isn’t a bad trick. If you don’t use dynamic IP, at least you still have to visit your own site.

Secret No. 7- Encourage users to install Alexa Toolbar

Since Alexa count users based on who installed their toolbar and accessing your website. There is a problem, because not all who read your blog will have installed Alexa toolbar in their PC. It is always best practice to encourage the readers to install the Alexa Toolbar. No doubt that will increase the changes to get your site access with more and more Alexa toolbar installed users.

Secret No. 8- Try to attract bloggers and webmasters on your blog

The logic behind this scene is webmasters and bloggers Alexa toolbar installed already on their computer. This makes the stuff simple. This can be achieved by writing more and more articles about blogging and technology stuff on your blog. Of course this is not possible in case of other niche bloggers like heath, finance etc.

Secret No. 9 –  Install Alexa toolbar

Spice your favourite browser with Alexa Toolbar. Encourage your fans, friends and community blogger to do the same. When Alexa toolbar is installed on a browser, Alexa records the hits that come to your website/blog through the browser. Click here to download Alexa extension for your browser.

Secret No. 10 –  Be fully engaged on webmasters forums.

Tag your post SEO, blogging, technology when promoting on Google+, Twitter, Stumbleupon and Digg.
Blog commenting and backlinking.

Webmasters do care about outbound links from their blogs. In an attempt to avoid spamming, if the comment is helpful, they check the website URL before accepting the comment. Your website might peek their interests and become regular visitors.
Source for comment luv enabled blogs and contribute to the discussion. Blog commenting backlinks generally increase Alexa rank. Users of comment luv are mainly webmasters and can give you ranking boost.

Secret No. 11 – Share your post on social networking sites and blog communities.

Participate on Facebook technology, domaining, hosting, traffic and webmaster group. Alexa likes visitors from Social Networking Sites particularly Facebook, though Alexa also likes Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You will need to bring some traffics to bring up your Alexa ranking 

Secret No.12 –  Improve your website SEO/Traffic metrics

Alexa rank doesn’t only depend on the number of traffic to your website. Alexa takes into consideration other metrics such as bounce rate, daily page visit, daily average time on site. Other metrics like back links are inclusive. Working to improve these metrics could go a long way to increase Alexa rank.

Secret No. 13- Getting Fake Views to your site to improve Alexa ranking

This trick is known to many advance bloggers as well as unknown to many newbies also. It is a little bit risky, to do it you have to set some things that I will inform below. So let’s begin the first black hat trick:

The things you have to set before doing this black hat trick

Remove all the Adsense ads to avoid getting banned your Adsense account.
If you have other advertising company’s ads on your site, then also Delete those.
It would be better, if your site is hosted on blogger.
Don’t get over views in a day from the site.
If you are using self hosting then get views considering your bandwidth.
However, These were the condition for the work to keep your website 100% safe. Now we are going to the path of the secret.

Secret No14- Alexa surfing    –

Alexa surf give you 100 Alexa hits to your site when you complete sign up. So go to alexa surfing.com,  sign up,  enter your website and get 100 Alexa hits for free.

Secret No15- alexamaster  –

Alexamaster.com will give 20 Minutes for free when you registered.  Simply go to Alexamaster.com ,  sign up and get 20 minutes Alexa hits for free.

Secret No. 16 –  rankboostup

This sites also provides 20 free minutes for each new users. Simply register and get Alexa hits for your site.  Register for free. 

I can say this will Have you any clue to increase Alexa rank?

I’ll like to hear from you. What works for you? What experience do you have on Alexa ranking metrics? Your comment is appreciated.  Also If you have any query or suggestions please feel free to share with us.Do you like these post on how to increase alexa rank quickly?


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  2. I agree you. Only content not enough for alexa rank.

    But i want to ask that must we buy backlinks for alexa? And is alexa good for google ranking?

    • alexa doesnt effect google ranking and it didnt help to rank higher. YOU NEED NOT TO BUY BACK LINKS FOR ALEXA RAN. YOU CAN USE ANY OF LAST 3 FREE SERCICE TO INCREASE ALEXA RANK QUICKLY

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this post, We are having Regular posting in our blogs, but still we are facing to increase alexa ranking, any other short cut ways to increase alexa ranking


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  5. My website’s alexa ranking is above one million at the moment and i am planning on improving it. But one question guys, does google pay attention about a website alexa’s rank to send traffics or is it only for advertisement purposes?

  6. Hello sir,
    Thanks for your valuable post. I have just started to implement the way you have said, but can you tell me how to increase page rank as well?


    • I am happy that you like it Johnson. To Increase page rank you need remove affiliate link, make site load fast and get more user enagment. Thats all

  7. Hello,

    Thank you so much for the useful recommendations.
    Alexa ranking is important for every website, We are still working on increasing alexa ranking. This article will surely help us to improve our rank.

    Thanks for Sharing this amazing Article.

  8. I never bought alexa traffic in trafficmaster.net to spend hundreds of dollars, initially works well, my web alexa ranking rose to the hundreds of thousands. but after I register as a reseller to get a cheap price and re-purchase alexa traffic, trafficnya be slow, alexa ranking web I became bad.
    This time I tried to buy the exchange of traffic in alexamaster.com by spending hundreds of dollars, hopefully the result is good.

  9. Great post.lot of topics are described.but I think black hat method only waste own time.for continued increased Alexander ranking I think social media traffic and baclking is more better way than any others.thanks for nice tips

    • Tutorial Guru, social media traffic and Backlinks are for seo not for increasing alexa rank. BTW have a good day.

  10. Hey All, once my alexa under 12k in india and now it’s approx 40k so can you suggest me what i need to do to recover this?

    • Ya ,sure use the last 3 method mentioned in this post . [You need to sign up all three of them and buy/earn some point . Then submit your site and you alexa rank will surely increase.

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