Everything You need to know about proxy with 100 Free Proxy Server List 2017

Have you ever used proxy in your life ?Do you want free proxy server list? If your answer is No than you are telling a big lie. Why?


meaning of proxyJust remember your school day. When you absent from your class but your friends presented  YES for you  and you enjoy your holiday .

Same in your work place when you were absent but you co-worker Signed in your place of you so that you also get salary for that day also.

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To understand better ,Watch this video by CBT Nugget to understand meaning of proxy .

So what does this mean? Very simple ,We are using proxy from our childhood. These are the example of offline proxy . so why should  we  also use proxy  using  Internet [ surfing ,watching video and a lot more] ?

Just keep on reading …..

What is actually proxy  server or the meaning of proxy ?

Wikipedia defines proxy as follow –

“In computer networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.

A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource available from a different server and the proxy server evaluates the request as a way to simplify and control its complexity.

Proxies were invented to add structure and encapsulation to distributed systems. Today, most proxies are web proxies, facilitating access to content on the World Wide Web and providing anonymity.”

In a very simple language proxy is an online mask which covers our IP address to track or saved by various online platform . It helps us to be anonymous over internet .

meaning of proxy

Benefit of using proxy?

A proxy server functions as a connector or a middlemen between the web browser and the website, by passing the request and response back-and-forth in a way to assist users seeking resources from websites or servers.Proxy makes us more smart as Using proxy server is a part of lifehacking.
Besides handling requests and responses, a proxy also fulfills other purposes, such as anonymous browsing, domain filtering, bypassing security controls and so on.
Here are details of every benefit using proxy server with free proxy server list.
  1. Anonymous browsing

free proxy server list
The greatest advantage of using a proxy server is to hide internal clients from an external network. It makes your network id anonymous as the proxy servers will be at the forefront, protecting your network IP while allowing normal surfing. So If you want to perform hacking activity like hacking computers you must use proxy from first day.

Since your internal IP network is not accessible from an external network, you are safe from attacks by unscrupulous hackers, scammers and spammer and no one can trace your IP if you are a hacker or like anonymous shopping.

2. Geo Location Testing

geolacation testing
Nowadays, many web sites have implemented geolocation technology to customize their web contents  For example google,amazon etc  has many geo location website and to redirect their visitors to an appropriate page, by detecting the location that the visitors originate from.

Recent study show that country focused content gaining more popularity .Lifehacker is the greatest example of this.. Using this type of technology for your website is not big task these days .You can take help of  IPInfoDB, or IP2Location If you want your website to provide country based content.

However, the testing phase of your geolocation feature is the challenging part as not everyone would have access to IP addresses from various countries. With this in mind, the Proxy Servers now come into the picture.

By utilizing proxy servers located in various locations around the world, you are now able to accurately test and successfully implement your geolocation feature.

I have listed many free proxy server list but before let me tell you another great benefit of using proxy server.

3. Access websites filtered by ISP or institution
Generally many school,college and company allow only a few website access and block many website like Facebook ,YouTube and a lot of . So this is the situation when we need proxy server to access those website.

4. Performance

Proxy servers may also cache Web pages and provide more efficient web content delivery. It can speed up the access to documents and site contents as it will always look in its local cache of previously downloaded results of all requests like pictures, and other static graphical content.

Since the proxy server is often on the same network as the user, the next request for that same page can be obtained much faster as it will not forward the request to the external site each time. This dramatically improves the performance for end users.

If there are hundreds or thousands of users using the same network, it is significantly reduce their upstream bandwidth usage and costs as the proxy servers can optimize and compress the content as well.

5. Filter Requests
Proxy servers can also be used to filter data or requests from external site. For example, it is widely implemented by organizations or institutions to ensure that Internet usage conforms to the local usage policy.

Authentication can be enabled in helping administrator to effectively control the content delivered while distributing the internet access. It is important to only allow certain hosts to bypass the proxy in order to prevent malicious content and block websites that display distracting material.

In addition, it can also prevent employees from visiting inappropriate web sites during their working hours.

6. Load Balancing
Proxy servers can also be used as load-balancer in a reverse direction for the workload among several content HTTP servers, each of them serving their own application area.

Free Proxy Server List 

Top 110 Free Proxy Server List 2015:

Here is the best  free proxy server list .

  1. Smart DNS Proxy[ Best web Proxy site]  https://www.smartdnsproxy.com/
  2. Proxy Tube – https://www.proxytube.info/
  3. Free Open Proxy – http://www.freeopenproxy.com/
  4. Hope Proxy – http://www.hopeproxy.com/
  5. Private Surf – https://www.privatesurf.us/
  6. Europe Proxy – https://www.europeproxy.eu/
  7. Stealth Proxy – https://www.stealthproxy.co.uk/
  8. SSL Proxy – https://www.sslproxy.org.uk/
  9. Proxy Power – https://www.proxypower.co.uk/
  10. Web Surf – https://www.websurf.in/
  11. Proxy Tube – https://www.proxytube.info/
  12. FilterByPass – https://www.filterbypass.me/
  13. Skull Proxy   – http://skullproxy.com/
  14. Unlock My Web – http://www.unblockmyweb.com/
  15. Proxy Site – https://www.proxysite.com/
  16. Hide My Ass – https://www.hidemyass.com/
  17. Free YouTube Proxy – http://www.youtubeunblockproxy.com/
  18. Proxy – http://proxy.org/
  19. Unblocker – https://www.unblocker.us/
  20. Fast USA Proxy – http://fastusaproxy.com/
  21. New IP Now – http://newipnow.com/
  22. Anonymouse – http://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html
  23. Hidden Digital Info – http://hiddendigital.info/
  24. Anony Mizer – https://www.anonymizer.com/ (14 days free trial)
  25. K Proxy – http://www.kproxy.com/
  26. Hidester – https://hidester.com/proxylist/
  27. Don’t Filter – http://dontfilter.us/
  28. Working Proxy – https://www.workingproxy.net/
  29. Prox Me Call Me Names – http://www.proxmecallmenames.com/
  30. Change IP & Country – http://anonymizer.nntime.com/
  31. VTunnel – http://vtunnel.com/
  32. Rapid Proxy – https://www.rapidproxy.us/
  33. Ninja Cloak – http://ninjacloak.com/
  34. DeFilter – http://defilter.us/
  35. Quick Proxy – http://www.quickproxy.co.uk/
  36. Free Proxy Server – https://www.freeproxyserver.uk/
  37. Free You Proxy Tube – https://www.freeyouproxytube.com/
  38. VPN Browse – http://vpnbrowse.com/
  39. Extreme Proxy – https://www.extremeproxy.us/
  40. Fast School Proxy – https://www.fastschoolproxy.com/
  41. Remove Filters – https://www.removefilters.net/
  42. Hide Me Ass – https://www.hidemeass.co.uk/
  43. UK – Proxy – https://www.uk-proxy.org.uk/
  44. Hide The Internet – https://www.hidetheinternet.com/
  45. Web Proxy Free – http://www.webproxyfree.net/
  46. World Cup Proxy – https://www.worldcupproxy.com/
  47. View Youtube – http://www.viewyoutube.net/
  48. Proxay – https://www.proxay.co.uk/
  49. Greatest Free Proxy – http://www.greatestfreeproxy.com/
  50. Crazy Proxy – https://www.crazyproxy.org/
  51. IP Switcher – https://www.ipswitcher.us/
  52. Stardoll Proxy – https://www.stardollproxy.com/
  53. Proxy 4 Freedom – http://proxy4freedom.com/
  54. Fish Proxy – http://fishproxy.com/
  55. See Proxy – http://seeproxy.me/
  56. Surf Proxy – http://surfproxy.co/
  57. Sporium – http://sporium.org/
  58. Saoudi Proxy – http://saoudiproxy.info/
  59. Proxy Browse – http://proxybrowse.info/
  60. Proxy Internet – http://proxy-internet.info/
  61. Ca Proxies – http://caproxies.info/
  62. Proxy 2015 – http://proxy-2015.info/
  63. FB Proxies – http://fbproxies.info/
  64. PK Proxy – http://pkproxy.info/
  65. America Proxy – http://americaproxy.info/
  66. Suede Proxy – http://suedeproxy.info/
  67. Korea Proxy – http://krproxy.info/
  68. Brazil Proxy – http://brazilproxy.info/
  69. ECXS – https://www.ecxs.asia/
  70. Zalmos Web Proxy – http://www.zalmos.com/
  71. Canada Proxy – http://canadaproxy.info/
  72. King Surf Proxy – http://www.kingsurfproxy.com/
  73. US Proxies – http://usproxies.info/
  74. Zacebook – http://www.zacebookpk.com/
  75. Your Proxy – http://proxys.pw/
  76. Just Unblock It – https://www.justunblockit.com/
  77. Network Bypass – https://www.networkbypass.com/
  78. Me Hide – https://www.mehide.asia/
  79. Proxy This – https://www.proxythis.info/
  80. PHP Proxy – http://www.phproxysite.com/
  81. Xite Now – http://xitenow.com/
  82. 4Ever Proxy – http://4everproxy.com/
  83. KProxy Site – http://www.kproxysite.com/
  84. Surf for Free – http://surf-for-free.com/
  85. Intern Cloud – http://interncloud.info/
  86. Pro Intern – http://prointern.info/
  87. Work Host – http://workhost.eu/
  88. Travel VPN – http://travelvpn.info/
  89. Fast Time – http://fasttime.info/
  90. Rexoss – http://rexoss.com/
  91. Hide IP Proxy – https://hideipproxy.com/
  92. Host App – http://hostapp.eu/
  93. Proxy Pirate – https://www.proxypirate.co.uk/
  94. Pun Proxy – https://www.funproxy.net/
  95. Hide N Seek – http://www.hidenseek.org/
  96. Orange Proxy – https://www.orangeproxy.net/
  97. Free Publick Proxy – http://www.freepublicproxy.net/
  98. Push Proxy – https://www.pushproxy.com/
  99. Cool Proxy – https://www.coolproxy.biz/
  100. Proxyfree  –  https://www.proxfree.com/

You can use any free proxy sites listed above but my personal recommendation is smartdnsproxy.com If you are serious about your online privacy and security.

Proxy servers:-

Its allow for you to configure your browser to route your browser traffic through that machine, which then makes a request for a page on your behalf, and then sends you the results. These are usually used at no cost to the user. Since they are accessible to the public these are often quite slow.

There are a variety of types of these proxy servers:

* Transparent Proxy – This type of proxy server identifies itself as a proxy server and also makes the original IP address available through the http headers. These are generally used for their ability to cache websites and do not effectively provide any anonymity to those who use them.

However, the use of a transparent proxy will get you around simple IP bans. They are transparent in the terms that your IP address is exposed, not transparent in the terms that you do not know that you are using it (your system is not specifically configured to use it.) This type of proxy server does not hide your IP address.

All site which provide listed in free proxy server list used transparent proxy .Only dnssmartproxy used high anonymity proxy.

* Anonymous Proxy – This type of proxy server identifies itself as a proxy server, but does not make the original IP address available. This type of proxy server is detectable, but provides reasonable anonymity for most users. This type of proxy server will hide your IP address.

* Distorting Proxy – This type of proxy server identifies itself as a proxy server, but make an incorrect original IP address available through the http headers. This type of proxy server will hide your IP address.

* High Anonymity Proxy – This type of proxy server does not identify itself as a proxy server and does not make available the original IP address. This type of proxy server will hide your IP address.


Proxy browser:-

A proxy server acts as a security barrier between your internal network and the Internet, keeping others on the Internet from being able to obtain access to information that is located on your internal network………and your browser is become like invisible. It will  hide your IP Address.

For Example:

  • If  you use China country proxy
  • Then open google.com
  • Now google will open in china language .

How to change proxy settings in Browsers

In Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.

2. Click on Tools then click on Options….

3. Click on the Advance tab, then click on the Network sub-tab and finally on the Settings… button.

4. Tick the Manual Proxy Configuration: radio button.

5. In the HTTP Proxy: box, type the IP address of the proxy server.

6. In the Port: box, type the in the port number that is used by the proxy server.

7. Click OK to close the Connection Settings window.

8. Click OK to close the Options window.



How to change Proxy settings In Google Chrome.

  • To change proxy settings: Click “Customize and control Google Chrome” icon right under the “window close” button.
  • A popup menu will be displayed. Click “Options”.
  • Select the “Under the Hood” tab.
  •  Scroll down and Click “change proxy settings” button.
  • A popup dialog will be display. Select the Connections tab on this dial.
  • If you are using LAN, click “LAN Settings” button. If you are using Dial-up or Virtual Private Network connection, select necessary connection and click “Settings” button.
  •  Make sure the “automatically detect proxy settings” and “use a proxy automatic configuration script” options are not checked.
  •  In the “Proxy Server” area, click the check box next to Use a proxy server for this connection.
  •  If necessary, enable “bypass proxy server for local addresses”.
  •  Click the “Advanced” button and set Proxy Server address (proxy IP), proxy server port.
  •  Click OK and Done.

Final Words –

If you are really serious about your privacy ,online security and want to avoid from cyber crime than you should  use proxy server from right now.

What are you waiting for ,Just sign up for smartdnsproxy.com for free and be a smart internet users.

References and Sources

  1. https://www.locaproxy.com
  2. http://www.hackersonlineclub.com/proxy-server/

Have you ever used proxy ?How was your experience using proxy ?Please let me know . If you need any help setting up proxy server ,I am here to help you  and what is your suggestion to free proxy server list which listed above?

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