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Hey Friends, I am back with my latest post in which I shall describe 10 best of best internet marketing blog list  related to social media marketing, seo tips and tricks, back-links building strategy and increasing blog traffic.

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10.Shoutmeloud – Shoutmeloud is leading website of India which helps to bloggers in SEO and online money making. As per site description

“ShoutMeLoud is an online magazine for Bloggers and small businesses to learn profitable side of Blogging, Social media, SEO and other Internet marketing tips.”

top ten website

Admin – Harsh  Agrwal
Country – India
Content – Online money making tips, SEO, Blogging, Life hacks.
Starting Date – 11 August 2014
Alexa Rank – 2070

Pros of
1. It provides each content in very easy language. (IN simple English)
2. Short and point to point post.
3. You can write guest post for ShoutMeLoud if you are a content writer.
4. Best website to find ideas about online earnings.
5. Very Responsive to your each query. You can ask any questions in comments box to them.

Cons – ShoutMeLoud mostly writes “Review Post” these days. They write for themselves rather than for their readers. They are focusing to earn more money by anyway rather to provide quality post.

9.ProphetHacker – A very simple website written in very simple language about Internet and Android.

top ten website

As per site description –

“Prophet Hacker is Tech Blog. In this Blog you found Many android tricks, Internet Tricks,Facebook Tricks, Windows Tricks and Many More”

Admin – Vinay Kumar
Country – India
Content – Android, Internet, Windows, Hacks
Startup Date – 30 July, 2014
Alexa Rank – 55,000

Pros of Prophet Hacker –

1. It provides each content in very easy language. (Ib simple English)

2. Short and point to point post.

3.Best for Android and Internet trick.

4. Write for users (not for search engines)

5. I learnt a lot of from this website about hacking and Internet.

Cons – Some of post are useless. Dont provide full information. A lot of affiliate links at site.

8. –  This is my website and I write about how to make money online for free and fast in an easy way with ethical hacking tutorials and seo tips and tricks.As per me –

” is a website for learning seo secret tips and online money making in easy way.”

Admin – Nekraj Bharatiya
County – India
Content – SEO, Ethical Hacking and Social Media marketing.
Start up date – 06 February 2016
Alexa Rank – 2,45,0000


Pros of – 1. A long post (2k+ more words)
2. Post for readers (not for search engines)
3. Always provide full guide of written topics.
4. All posts are written in simple and easy to understand language.
5. We provide the secret method which you never find at Internet.

Read Post –  11 black ways to triple your traffic in 7 days.

Cons – We don’t write to often. We post once in a week.

7.Wikihow – I am sure this is the very first website about which you know very well.
Whenever we need help to do any work or complete any task, we reached this website by search engines. As per site description –

“Learn how to do anything with wikiHow, the world’s most popular how-to website. Easy, step-by-step, illustrated instructions for everything.”

FireShot Capture 3 - wikiHow - How to do anything - http___www.wikihow.com_Main-PageAdmin – wikihow Inc.
Start up date – 12 June 2004
Country – USA
Content – All type how to queries like how to learn c+, how to be rich etc.
Alexa Rank – 238

Pros – 1. Very effective and easy guide to all how to queries.
2. All post have enough image so that user can understand all process very easily.
3. Provide step by step guide for computers, being rich, money, ethical hacking etc.
4. User also can edit/suggest like Wikipedia.
5.All post written by user. It means you can also write if you have enough knowledge about your focus point.

Cons – It didn’t have features to comment.Many post related to same point means duplicate content.

6 . Social Media Examiner – This site is for social media marketer. Here you can learn all about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Google + and LinkedIn. As per site description –
” Social Media Examiner, the world’s largest online social media magazine, is designed to help businesses discover how to best use social media tools like Facebook, Google , Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with customers, generate more brand awareness and increase sales.”

top ten website

Admin- Michael Stalzner
Start up date – 15 Sep 2015.
Content – Social media marketing, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
County – USA
Alexa Rank – 5878

Pros – 1. Eye catching and very attractive website design.
2. Deep information about Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.
3.Always provide full guide of written topics.
4. All posts are written in simple and easy to understand language.
5.You will social media master If you read each if their post and also improve your impression at social media.

Cons – No other subjects cover except social media.

5. – This site is all about startup plans, marketing, SEO and back links.

Admin – Neil Patel
Country – USA
Content – Startup plans, marketing, SEO and back links.
Alexa Rank – 10550

top ten website

PROS – 1. Each post has been written in 2000 + words.
2. Always provide details guide of each topics.
3. It covers all the basic and advanced strategy.
4. Unique and user-friendly website design.
5. Provides pdf book of each post with info – graphics.

Cons – Daily post is the only cons of this site. They post too often. Thus a busy readers miss a lot if useful post.

4. Tutorials point – A self made site by Mohtashim khan for the purpose yi educate person about seo, hacking, networking, coding and marketing.
As per site description –

“Free tutorials and reference manuals with examples for Laravel, SAP Webi, MS SQL Server, pinterest, Indian Polity, Google Charts, SAP BPC, SAP BODS, …’

Admin – Moh. Tasim

Country – India.
Start uo date – 30 September 2015.
Alexa Rank – 659.
Content – Programming, coding, server language like mysql, Apache, ms words, marketing, seo.

top ten website

Pros – 1. All tutorial is free.
2. Each tutorial is unique and complete
3. Always provide full guide of written topics.
4. Provides pdf with quick guide of each tutorial. (All is free)
5. Great source of learning seo, programing and marketing for free.

Cons – They don’t have any tutorial of ethical hacking. No tutorial has any info- graphics.

3. – Viperchill is for all size online business. They cover all topics related to startups, marketing and growth hacking.

Site description –

ViperChill is a blog authored by Glen Allsopp which covers Viral Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and Blogging advice.”

top ten website

Admin – Glen Allsop

Start up date – 14 June, 2001
Content – Internet Marketing.
Alexa Rabk – 30,035

Pros – 1. This site is like an intermediate degree of business.
2. It covers all the subject and necessary point related to online earnings ( business).
3. It provides advanced guide of focus point.
4.All post with 2000+ words.
5. You needn’t to go anywhere to learn Internet marketing except “”

Cons – Viperchill is not for basic knowledge. It provides only advanced knowledge. They dont provide pdf summaries book of any post.


2. – is for link building strategy. If you want to success in SEO with less efforts and in short time, backlinko is for you. Backlinko provide only “tricks that works”.
Site description –

“It’s time to get backlinks that make a difference. Backlinko is the place for next-level SEO training and link building strategies.”

top ten website

Admin – Brain Dean

Start up – 28 September 2011

Country – USA.
Content – Backlinks guide, SEO
Alexa Rank – 8902

Pros – 1. Each post has been written in 2000 + words.
2. Always provide details guide of each topics.
3. Best website for seo learning in less time. They teach only “tricks that works”.
4. Unique and user-friendly website design.
5. Provides pdf book of each post with info – graphics.

Cons – They send too many businesses promotion email If you are an email subscribe and they are about to launch a new product. This is not good habits. In last time they launched “Seo 2.0” and they sent me 4 emails for it.

1. Quickspourt –  This is my favorite website for learning seo, back links building guide and online marketing.

“Quick Sprout is the easiest way for you to make better content so your audience and traffic continue to grow.”

top ten website

Admin – Neil Patel
Country – USA.
Content – SEO and link building, content writing
Alexa Rank – 6880

Pros – 1.A beautiful and attractive website design.
2.Full guide with 2k words.
3. You can download full post in pdf.
4. Very responsive to all comments.
5. All post have info- graphics.

Cons – I have tried a lot but didn’t find any cons. Thats why I rank it no.1 worlds best website.

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Conclusion  – This ranking  of top ten website for blogger to learn seo define by me and my expert team. If you have a site related to seo, Social Media, Internet marketing, ethical hacking tutorial, you can also suggest me to add your site in this list. Any pros/Cons you want to add, please let me suggest in comments box.

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