LeadsLeap Review 2017 – Increase Traffic and Make Money at Same Time

Last Update January 22th, 2017 We want to make money online as well as we need to increase traffic if we want to stay in long-term race.Read This best leadsleap  review to get both of it. 

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In this review of leadsleap  I am going to introduce you leadsleap program  where you can boost your website traffic and also make some dollars at same time.

If you don’t know how to do both ,lets continue to read:

What is Leadsleap-

Leadsleap was launched in 2008 and started as auto-surfing  site, and now it has released its second version with more opportunities and rewards for its members.

As Per Their Description

LeadsLeap 2.0 is a revenue-sharing, advertising and lead generation system, with a focus on training and value creation.

What leadsleap do –

So lets start first section of leadsleap review  .We can get following things with it –

  1. We can show our ads over 4000 website for free.
  2. You will get laser targeted visitors to your site ,blog or sales page.
  3. You can deliver traffic to your affiliate or referral link too.
  4. We will get there some free tools which we can use to grow our business like OTO list  builder, all in one tracker and many and many marketing free eBook everything for free.
  5. We can increase our leads[ sign ups] for free.
  6. We  can earn money by surfing some ads which related to online money-making, increase website traffic , leads increment and many internet marketing related source.
  7. You will learn many things here related to internet marketing.
  8. We can build our downline  up to 10 level.
  9. They provide 10 level refer system.
  10. You will get many free eBook from their members.
  11. You will also earn cash to rate ads.
  12. You can send a direct message to your down lines.
  13. You can build your own list their. If you can’t suffer aweber monthly fee than join leadsleap and start growing your list.
  14. If you don’t have adsense approved than try their leadsleap widget to earn some cash. whenever some one click at your ads than you earn some cents.
  15. and many more

Join Leadsleap now.

So just lets start …

Leadsleap Review :-

Getting Started –


  1. Click here to join leadsleap.
  2. Click at sign up for free.leadsleap review
  3. Fill out the form and verified your account.
  4. Log in to your leadsleap account.
  5. There are many ads under “Surf and Earn”leadsleap review
  6. Click ads and you will earn points .
  7. You will get 0.2 points for first 5 sec and then 0.1 to next 5 sec.You will get point to stay site up to 3 Min.
  8. Don’t try to fool them at this point .They have very strong tracking software.Just click link which you like and surf .
  9. Rate ads up to 5 points and you will get o.1 points per rate.
  10. You need to surf daily minimum 10 ads if you want to earn money .
  11. You can surf as many ads as you can.
  12. You will get about $0.4 dollars for 10 clicks.
  13. If you clicks under 10 ads ,you will get only points which you can use only to show your ads.
  14. If you surf more than 10 ads you will earn cash and free traffic points at same time .
  15. Collect your points and cash.
  16. Read your up line message to get some more cash and points.
  17. Rinse and Repeat daily.

How to Show your ads there –

You can also show their ads like other members.All you need to have minimum 1 points in your account.

Here is the step by step process:

  1. Go to your dashboards and click at my ads their.
  2. Just click at free ads.
  3. Click at new ads .new ads
  4. Fill out this form.ad forms
  5. In Image you can pic an image or leave it blank. It doesn’t affect too much.
  6. In url fill link of your landing/advertising page with http://
  7. Title up to 30 words.
  8. Text up to 70 words.
  9. select niche type eg. money making, traffic etc.
  10. Pick your ad type and hit submit.
  11. Its done.
  12. Earn credits as I  mentioned above to continue run your ads.
  13. You need to visit once in 7 days to be active .As they delete inactive members ads.

How to grow your email list with the help of leadsleap –

IN this section of leadsleap review I guide about leads making.Now lets move for next interesting point ,where I am going to show you how you can increase your leads using this free method.

Just go step by step:

  1. Make sure you have an aweber account.
  2. If you don’t have any aweber account than click here to start your 30 days free trails.
  3. Make a news sign up forms in aweber or use any old forms.
  4. Click on  “Sign Up Forms ” in your aweber account .
  5. You will find list of your all sign up forms.signupforms
  6. Click at “Publish ” link under form name .
  7. This screen will come .
  8. Select “Aweber will host my form” and copy your forms links.forms publish
  9. In my case this is the link of my free eBook “$125/day Guaranteed with your SmartPhone” https://forms.aweber.com/form/67/927313667.htm 1000.DAY
  10. You can short this link using any url shortner service to track the progress and how many clicks you are getting per day.
  11. Now go to your leadsleap account and click at “Submit New Ad”
  12. In the url ,just copy paste your form link , So whenever someone will click at your ads ,He will redirect to your forms.
  13. If your forms and freebie is good ,visitors will surely put his/her email and you will grow your email list fastly.
  14. I am daily getting 10+ free sign ups to my list without paying a pennies.
  15. Once again ,Earn credits there to runs your ads smoothly .


How to make money from your blog using leadsleap –

In this section of leadsleap review ,I will share a step by step method to make some easy dollars from your blog. You can use leadsleap in place of adsense too.

If you don’t have any adsense account or your adsense blocked ,just use leadsleap to make money online.

Note – If you have adsence account than you can also show leadsleap ads to your site .It means that you will get double cash from your blog. boom..

Here is the step by step process:

  1. Log in to your leadsleap account.
  2. Click at “Get Leadsleap Widget” from the left side.get leadsleap widget
  3. Select your widget type ,ads number ,font size and background color
  4. Once you  finalized it ,hit on “Get Code”.get code
  5. For non-Wordpress site, copy and paste the code below into the html code of your website where you want the widget to appear.
  6. For self-hosted WordPress blog, go to WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets, add a Text widget into the sidebar. Copy and paste the code below into the second field in the Text Widget. Click Save.
  7. Now its done. You will get cash whenever soomeone will click at these ads at your site.

Earn more points and cash with their 10 level referral programme

This is the best part of this leadsleap review. They pay us up to 10 level .It means that if you refer A and A refer B,C and D then you will also earn cash and points from B,C and D.

To start your referring others ,just go to my affiliate link section and copy paste your link and start promoting in following way –

  1. Add LeadSleap Widget  to your blog.
  2. Write a review of the LeadsLeap programme.
  3.  Write a review of The Real Tracker.
  4. Write a review of The PopupXpert.
  5.  When you run out of topic to write for your blog, go to our blog and pick any topic of your interest and discuss it in your blog.
  6. Link that post back to their blog by adding ?r=username to the end of the blog link.
  7. Promote them in forums .
  8. Promote in your email .
  9. Promote at whatsapp/messenger .
  10. Promote at social media.
  11. You can also promote in traffic exchange site like traffup, trafficG , Alexamaster, alexasurfing,Ibootollboxaddmefaast  etc.
  12. Share ,share and share .

This step will not only help you produce more quality contents that are beneficial for your readers, but also help you build leads and earn affiliate commissions.


Almost every page on LeadsLeap website can be converted into your affiliate link. You just have to add ?r=username to the end of a URL. So do you like this one section of leadsleap review ? 

You can add a Custom Tracking Source to your affiliate link so that you know where the traffic is coming from. Otherwise, the source will be based on the referral URL.

If you use The Real Tracker for tracking, the tracking source will be based on the referral URL or the custom source of the tracker, if any.

How much you will earn from your referrals –

IN this section of leadsleap review I guide about referrals earning .You will earn 5%  from their daily revenue share .It means the ads you surf daily.

You earn recurring commissions when your direct referrals upgrade. (25% recurring if you are a Free Member. 50% recurring if you are a Pro Member.)

You earn overriding credits when they view ads/upline messages. Those credits can be converted into cash under Daily Revenue Share scheme.

The more personal referrals you have, the more overriding credits you’ll earn.

Members with at least 20 personal referrals will enjoy 10-levels of overriding Click Credits.

These credits will be converted into cash in our Daily Revenue Sharing program.

Personal ReferralsOverriding Click Credits
< 205% on the first level
205% on 10 levels
506% on 10 levels
1007% on 10 levels
3008% on 10 levels
5009% on 10 levels
70010% on 10 levels
100020% on 10 levels!!

Above tables shows that if you have more referals than you will get more points so You can change points into cash .

You will also make money when your any referrals upgrade his/her accounts.

Make More Money and More traffic by upgrading your account –

Upgrading  your account is not a mandatory  option. If you want more cash and points [traffic] to earn then I recommend o upgrade your account.

By the way ,you can also upgrade your account when you have made enough money from this system.So do you like this one section of leadsleap review ? 

Benefit of upgrading account –

3 Main Reasons Why You Should Upgrade

Check these three reason of this leadsleap review that why you should upgrade 

  1. You can set up Pro Ads, which will be shown in the system 24/7 without credits.
  2. You will get spillover downlines. These are leads that will be with you for life, even if you downgrade.
  3. You will double all your earnings in Daily and Weekly Revenue Share, as well as recurring affiliate commissions. Your upgrade can easily be profitable in many ways.

Does Pro Membership Work?

Look at the ads in their  network. You may see some Pro Ads with 1000s and even 10000s of total hits. These are the ads from Pro Members who have been with them  for months or years.

They won’t be with them for so long unless they deliver.

Hassle-Free Subscription

Our Pro Member subscription is managed via Paypal. This means you can cancel any time on your own.

If you don’t know how, just drop us a support ticket. We will do it for you asap.

Free vs. Pro

No hard sell here. Check out the comparisons below. If you like what you see, upgrade now.

Free MemberPro Member
Ad limit3 Free Ads.10 Free Ads and 10 Pro Ads.
(Note: The ad benefits below apply to Pro Ads.)
Need credits?YesNo
Ads shown– Members’ area
– Blog
– The Real Tracker
– LeadsLeap Widget
Your ad will be shown in all LeadsLeap Widgets only if you add the Widget to your website.
– Members’ area
– Blog
– The Real Tracker
– LeadsLeap Widget
– Members’ emails
Ad frequency40%, shared among all Free Ads.60%, shared among all Pro Ads.
Ad review period1-2 days for new ads.Pre-approved. Ad will be shown immediately. Review will be done later.
Your 5-Star AdFeatured in members’ area onlyFeatured in members’ area and dedicated emails.
How much traffic can you get?No guarantee.
Frankly, we show the weekly hits with the ads. You can easily get an idea of how much traffic other members are getting.
No guarantee.
Typically about 600-1000 a month, depending on the quality of your ad. We do our best to send you as much traffic as possible, especially if your ad is of good quality.
Get auto referrals
How it works
No.Yes, but not a lot.
Don’t upgrade for this reason. Treat it as a bonus.
Spillover downlines
How it works
No.Yes, about 20 a month.
Create custom link in The Real TrackerNo.Yes.
Daily Revenue Share5%10%, i.e. you earn double.
Don’t upgrade for this reason. Treat it as a bonus.
Weekly Revenue Share15%30%, i.e. you earn double.
Affiliate commissions25%, recurring.50%, recurring.

Assuming you just get 600 visitors a month from your Pro Ads, the cost per visitor works out to $0.045. That’s how affordable our Pro Membership is

Some Tips to using leadsleap effectively –


  1. They send you daily email .Read email and click at ads .You will also earn points and money for it.
  2. Be active at least first 30 days to make some serious cash.
  3. In your ads ,use sign up forms or sales page instead of blog post.
  4. Use Leadsleap widget at your site. If you have 2 website than you can use it at both/single website .I use this widget at my second website.
  5. To Get Maximum Clicks at your ads ,Use word “Free” in title.


Final Words –

I don’t thing that it remain anything uncleared in this leadsleap review .If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask. Even If you are facing problems in any of above steps feel free to ask.

Join Leadsleap and start making cash and traffic at same time for free.

What other system like it you are using? Do you think I have missed any step or you recommend me to something new and interesting ,please free to share .What is  your opinion about this leadsleap review ?

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