Mass Planner Review 2017 :Increase Traffic and Social Media Fans On AutoPilot

Last Update January 22th, 2017 There is no honest mass planner review available over Internet .So In this post I will guide all about mass- planner . You will find each pros and cons in this short and well-managed honest mass planner review .

mass planner review

Basically there are many social media automation tools but each tool has its own limit. This is the time when we need mass-planner .In this mass planner review I will share some hidden techniques to use this software for your Social media campaigns.

Beside this we are going to learn some more things like :

  1. How to share your page post in multi-Facebook groups at some time intervals.
  2. How to send find big Facebook groups related to your niche and join them automatically.
  3. How to send direct message to your newly accepted Facebook friends without getting blocked and reply their message.
  4. How to grow your Facebook fans with the help of this software.
  5. How to set up mass campaign to  grow your page post reach without paying a penny Facebook ads.
  6. How to auto follow at twitter ,google+,pintrest,Instagram,tumbler and LinkedIn .
  7. How to follow back and unfollow at each social media platform.
  8. How to auto comments,retweets,mention at each social media platform
  9. Best place to download massplanner and How to get many bonuses with your subscriptions.
  10. Pros and Cons of This software.
  11. And many More…
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So just continue to read this honest mass planner review :

Mass Planner Review : Best Social Media Automation Tool or Just a Crap ?

What is mass planner ? 


Mass-planner is social media automation software which runs only window operating system. This software can grow your social media fans, increase traffic to your website, boost your social media presence and automate every task we do at our social media accounts e.g. commenting, liking, sharing etc.

Here is video introduction of mass planner review :-

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It manages all your social media accounts. Mass Planner supports Facebook,google+ ,twitter, pintrest , tumbler, LinkedIn and Instagram .

mass planner review

How to add social profile in Mass Planner : 

Just open your mass-planner and add your social profile.  Here is video tutorial:

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Features of Mass -Planner :

This software has many features and easy to use. This full mass planner review will give you every details of what this software can do.

Post Scheduling –

This is the best feature of this software .You have many account for marketing .So you need to post multiples time a day to drive traffic ,but this tools will do all these task automatically.

You just need to set up one time and this software will do the  rest work.

You can use Mass Planner to schedule all your social media updates on Facebook,Google+TwitterPinterestTumblr,LinkedIn and Instagram from one single dashboard. You can schedule your posts on your Social Profiles, Groups you belong to and pages you manage.

Facebook Complete Automation – 

Mass planner can automate every task for your Facebook profile ,blog or page.

  1. We can find big groups and join them totally on auto pilot.
  2. If there are many groups  which are not relative our niche than we can leave them with the help of mass-planner.
  3. As I have mentioned above ,we can schedule our post in any groups . You need to only a member of that group.
  4. We can schedule bulk post at our profile and page.
  5. We can automatically like ,comments and share other [ or our friends ] post .We can also like, comments and share our post in different groups and our friend’s timeline.
  6. You can send automatic friends request related to your niche and accept all request.
  7. We can also invite our friends to join our groups and like our page. Just set up and mass planner will do the  rest .
  8. Find Groups and Pages in your niche

Automatically find groups in your niche by keywords and number of members. You can find thousands of targeted groups. Beside this, we can also auto comments at each post .

  1. Publish Clickable Images

You can create and publish amazing looking posts on Facebook namely clickable images. They will have a great image and description and clicking anywhere on it will redirect to your site.

  1. Schedule posts from RSS feeds

It can Schedule posts from RSS feeds, even feeds with images. means whenever you publish a new post on your blog or Facebook page ,it will start sharing in your niche related groups .You can also unfriendly with this software.

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Twitter Fully Automation

Like Facebook ,this software has various twitter features .So let’s discuss about all  in this mass planner review :

  1. Schedule your tweets for future publishing

Just Enter your all tweets and set the date  . Mass planner will automatically post all your tweets at scheduled time. You should try to schedule your tweets when your most followers online.

  1. Auto-Follow

Automatically find interesting people in your niche on Twitter and follow them to expand your audience.

  1. UnFollow

Unfollow those users that didn’t follow you back to keep your following list to a manageable size. You can set time  when you want to unfollow them. For example I unfollow people after 15 days from the date of I follow them. And of course all of this process is automatic.

  1. Follow-Back

Automatically follow your Twitter followers to keep in touch with your fans and build long-lasting relationships. This will also increase your engagement.

  1. Auto Retweet Tools

Keep your account active with great tweets from other people, you can either get tweets by keywords or get tweets from a few select users. I used both.

  1. Automatic Hash tags
  1. Automatically add hash tags to your tweets so you increase your tweets’ reach and visibility. You should try to add trending hash-tag in your tweets.
  1. You can send the message to all your followers at different time .
  1. We can also send message to our news followers with the help of this tool. This task can increase your affiliate sales.

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Google+ Complete Automation

  1. Group Finder, Joiner and Unjoiner -Find niche related community and join them .
  2. Auto Follow and Unfollow – Follow big fishes in your industry and unfollow who don’t follow you back.
  3. Schedule posts in bulk – Set your destination list ,make your campaign and schedule all of your post.
  4. RSS feeds import – Share newly updated blog post and boost your traffic.
  5. Spinning syntax editor – With help of this feature, you can create unique post each time.

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Instagram Complete Automation

Like twitter ,Facebook and Google+ automation , we can do same  with our Instagram account :

  1. Auto Follow, Follow Back and Unfollow
  2. Auto Like and Comment Photos
  3. Spinning syntax editor
  4. Delete Posts
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LinkedIn Complete Automation

  1. Group Finder, Joiner and Unjoiner
  2. Group Joiner and UnJoiner
  3. Schedule posts in bulk
  4. RSS feeds import

Pinterest Complete Automation

  1. Auto Follow, Follow Back and Unfollow
  2. Auto Repin
  3. Auto Like and Comment
  4. Schedule posts in bulk
  5. Spinning syntax editor

Tumbler Complete Automation

  1. Auto Follow and Unfollow
  2. Auto Like
  3. Reblog
  4. Posting on sub-blogs
  5. Spinning syntax editor

Proxy Support

You can run each Social account on its own unique proxy so you don’t leave an IP footprint. We support both HTTP and SOCKS proxies.

This feature will help you to avoid Facebook jail . 

What About Mass Planner Support?

Their customer support is awesome, they have answered all my newbie questions since I became a customer , one time I forgot the password of one of my twitter  accounts and the password of my email associated to that account too.

I had used it with mass planner before so it was saved in there, they helped me to recover the password of my twitter  account with some coding on the software, that really surprised and gave me a good impression of their customer support.

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Good Things About Mass Planner

There are many good things about this software .In this mass planner review I am mentioning some of them :

  1. Easy to use and set up – There is no rocket science to use or set up this tool.
  2. Completely Set and Forget  System – Yes, You need to set everything at one time and all the task will continue forever.
  3. Total Automation for your social media – As I have mentioned above .This is complete social media automation tool . You need not to use any tools if you have download mass planner.
  4. Fast accounts growth –  I have grown my Facebook page from 1200 fans to 1,36,000 with the help of Mass Planner.
  5. Low price – Comparing to other social media tools ,It has very low price .They have monthly subscription with 5 day free trials.
  6. Excellent customer support – I have already told you my story.
  7. Own blog for tips and news – They have their own blog to provide tips . They also have video tutorials.

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Bad Things About Mass Planner

Every good things has its cons . At the start of post ,I have promised you to provide an honest mass planner review .

  • This software consumes about 250 mb ram in your system.
  • So You need at least 2 GB Ram in your system if you want to use it.
  • As it also runs in background so it may slow your computer if you have low memory or slow processes.
  • They don’t have their own server to complete all task .You computer is the only server
  • Using a big amount of tasks may consume considerable virtual memory from your pc.

Bonus with Mass Planner

For our readers who want to use  mass planner ,We have decided to provide some bonuses which will help you to grow traffic , increase your sales and help you to make money online.

To get the following bonus ,you need to download mass planner with our link –

Here is the step by step process :

  1. Download Mass Planner by clicking here.
  2. Set up your account .
  3. If you find any difficulty ,just shoot me an email.
  4. Once you set up everything ,write me an email to get your all

And Here is the list of all bonuses.

  1. Smart Affiliate Course
  2. Fivver Cash Secret Guide
  3. Free eBook “How To Get 10,000 YouTube view”
  4. Free eBook “$100/day –Guaranteed with your Smart Phone”
  5. Free Help/Support to set up Mass Planner
Yes,I want to take Mass Planner Free Trial


My Final Opinion

Social media play a big role in Internet Marketing. If you really want to success in blogging than you need to invest in such a service which gives better ROI.

I am sure to invest in mass planner will be your best investment of your online career.

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Which software you prefer for social media automation? Have you any experience with mass planner ? Do you like this mass planner review ?

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