Onlywire Review 2017: Best Social Bookmarking tool or a scam ?

Last Update January 21th, 2017 Onlywire review : A social bookmarking tool or a scam ?

If you  are internet marketer or seo guys , you well know the importance of social bookmarking .

Social bookmarking is the best way to getting some high quality backlinks . But manually submit your link in this site will cost of time. This is time when we need this tool and in this onlywire review I am going  to show you how you can auto  submit your article in these social bookmarking sites .


onlywire review


What is Onlywire ?

Video Tutorial:-

Take A Test Drive With Onlywire

This is the main part of this onlywire review . Onlywire is a social media  tools like mass-planner and social bookmarking tool . You can auto share in social media website and auto submit to bookmarking sites. This will boost your traffic and get some high quality backlinks.


Who can benefit from this onlywire review ?

Onlywire is a tool for everyone social media marketer and every seo guys who provide backlinks service . If you want to get traffic from Facebook ,twitter , google+  etc. and other 50 sites this is the best tools for you . If you are blogger than this is MUST have tool for your blog.

How to start with onlywire ?

Here is the video review of Onlywire :


There are two plans for onlywire . First is free in which you can connect your 5 profile  and submit up to 100 update. Second paid which charges $9 per month in which you can add 50 networks and submit up to 25000 posts. First you need to either sign up for free and paid.

  1. To sign up simply go
  2. Enter your email and password .
  3. Verify your email .
  4. And you are done.
  5. Now the next steps are to connect your social network :
  6. To connecting your network just follow the steps :
  7. For this post I am connecting my twitter .
  8. Click on Add network .steps-to-sign-up-for-onlywire-1
  9. Click on + button under twitterstarting with onlywire
  10. Click activate .activate twitter with onlywire
  11. Authorize that you want to share your details .authorize social media account
  12. And you are done.

You can add other network by same method. In free version you can add up to 5 profiles and in paid you can add 50 networks.

Take A Test Drive With Onlywire

What is the benefit of onlywire ?

In this review of onlywire I am going to describe each features of this tool .

  1. Auto-Share your post in to 50 website. Onlywire will share your every post in 50 website .You only need to submit your website feed . To add website feed just follow the steps :
  • Go to Automation .
  • Click on feed.
  • Add your website feed.feed
  • In general all website feed is  like this
  • And you are done .

So next time whenever you share a new post or even update your old post ,it will share in your all networks. You can add up to 3 feed in paid version.

2. Best for link building : Everyone know backlinks is one of the main factors of Google ranking . Suppose that you have share a new post and you get 50 backlinks for new post. Then how much early your new post will rank ?

Now you have a question in your mind that if you get 50 backlinks within 5 minute for a new post then will Google not think this is spams or you have applied some black hat method ?

Answer NO because first all your backlinks will index instantly .It takes minimum 48 hours to 15 day to index a link .So all of your backlinks will be natural and you need not to worry about this.

3.Scheduling : Who don’t like auto-pilot . Automation is the habit of every successful blogger. Just schedule your post for next 30 days and spend your time to writing article . In this time you can also do email marketing as there are also a lot of benefits of email marketing .

4.Check what’s happening in your twitter and Facebook accounts: Onlywire is also having a feature by that you can see your twitter and Facebook insight in one dashboard . You can also add your bitly account to check how your bitly insights.

Just go to your post and analytics .

5.Automatic share your post in Facebook groups : This is the hidden features of this tool which you won’t find in other onlywire review . I will tell you how you can share any type of post in Facebook groups . You only need to be  a member of that group and that group should be public.

  • To share your post in fb group :
  • Just go to network .
  • Click on Facebook group .
  • You will see this :start with onlywire
  • In description add any description or group name.
  • In group id , Add Facebook group id .
  • Finding group id is an easy task . Just check the URL of group .
  • It will be like this
  • The numbers which show in the end of URL is the group id of that group.

Now you can share your post in different groups at same time or even can schedule your post  .you can also share your page’s post in these group .It will help you to increase fan page likes.

6 .Reply all comments in same dashboards:

You can reply to all comments at your Facebook page by this tool .Same you can also  check your mention ,reply ,and retweet at same time.

Sign Up For OnlyWire


Pros of Onlywire :

This tool has many pros like :

  1. This is cheap tools compare to other social media tools.
  2. This is ‘Two in One” Tools .You can use like social media tool or social bookmarking tool.
  3. Manage Facebook and twitter at same dashboard.
  4. Share up to 50 sites including pintrest ,LinkedIn ,reddit ,stumblupon and many others.
  5. Schedule for lifetime.
  6. Best Tools for auto bookmark submission tool.
  7. Must have tools for link building.
  8. Clear posting . This tool removes URL of post while posting at Facebook and twitter so our post looks clean.
Take A Test Drive With Onlywire


Cons of Onlywire :

No review is complete without mentioning the cons . Here is the something which we cannot do with this tool :

  1. Cannot post at G+ profile .
  2. Cannot post at insta.
  3. We cannot queue article .
  4. Dashboard is dull and old type .
  5. We cannot share photo or video.
  6. No analytics provide for published post.


Discount /Bonus with Onlywire :

Onlywire provides 50% discount if you pay for a full year. They charge $9.0 for a month but for a year they charge only $54.0

If you buy or take a paid subscription [ monthly or yearly ] than I have a good bonus for you . All you guys will get my course “Smart Affiliate Course” and 3 other guide with this totally free.

To get your bonus and discount : just sign up now and mail me at admin[a] and you will get your gift.


Final Words :

If you are not using tools for your internet marketing and wasting your time to doing these stuff manually then you are leaving money one the table .If your goal is getting traffic and backlinks at same time than this will be the best tool for you . Though there are about 101 tools but this should be your best one .

If you want to success in blogging then take action now and make huge money and show the world that you are . There are two types of blogger : ones who only make plan and second who take action . Now decide which types of you are .

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Have you any experience to using onlywire ? Is there any tools we can use for same purpose? Share your thought about this onlywire review .


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