15 Tips to How to save data in Android 2017

Hello friends, If you use android mobile then this is a must read the post for you.

 In this post we will learn that How to save mobile data on android  by many simple method.

I am damn sure If you applied these techniques,  you will definitely learn that how to save mobile data.

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benefit of Saving data in Android –

1 . saving data will save your money.

2.Less data means less battery usage. That means that your smartphone will run longer.

3. Less battery usage means low phone temperature and low battery temperature. It will good for the health of your cell phone and its battery.

4.Fewer data will save a lot of ram and this will escape your phone to be hanged.

5.If you use less data than your Internet connection will also be fast.

So Now just start a habit of saving data in your Android –

1. Turn  Off images in the browser.

Opera Mini

Opera mini saved 93% data by turning off images.

By turning off images you can save up to 50% data. DOWNLOAD OPERA MINI.

Opera mini is the best browser for slow connection and slow network area where 3G/4G or wifi not available.

Facebook less data features

Facebook less data features

2.Use less data feature in Facebook

To do this Simple Go to Settings – General – Data usage and select less data.It will save your lot of data while using Facebook.

3. Download opera max to save up to 30% data.

Opera Max is the best software to save mobile data.Opera Max is the best software to save data.

Opera Max is a data-management and data-savings app that shrinks videos and photos on almost any app on mobile data connections, as well as Wi-Fi. Extend your data plan by up to 50% for free.

Simply download Opera max. 

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4.Answer WhatsApp message offline.

While answering your WhatsApp message simply Turn off your mobile data and answer all one by one.

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5.Save big pages (which you read most)  offline in opera mini or UC browser.

Using this method you will save your data and can read those pages at any time.

6.Remove unwanted apps from your Android phone.

Unwanted apps drain your battery as well as eat your data too. So simply find the apps which you don’t use and uninstall all of them.

7.Use ad blocker to block ads and save data.

Download no-root firewall for Android and stop viewing all ads.

8. Stop Auto Update Android Apps from Google Play

Sometimes our many android apps automatically update from google play store.

You can stop auto-updating app going to the Google play store settings.

  1. Open Google Play Store App on your Phone.
  2. Go to the Settings.
  3. Now you see Auto Update Option in settings.
  4. Choose Do not auto-update apps option and your apps will not automatically update in your phone.

This tricks really saves your lots of data in your android phone.

9. Set Data Mobile Limit in Android Phone

Always use data mobile limit feature on your android phone. If you use the Internet in your android mobile from mobile data, You company charges you extra charge when your mobile data exceeds the limit. With this feature, you know how much data you use and how much data left in your mobile.

10. Stop Background data

Many apps run in background and consume a lot of data .to avoid it , simply go to setting then data and click at “stop background data”.

11. Stop Media Auto Download in Whatsapp

We daily use Whatsapp in the android phone for sending WhatsApp messages. But like we all know you can send and receive media (images, video, and audio) in the phone. Whatsapp Auto-download this media in your phone and believe me guys this thing really consumes your lots of data in the phone.

Stop Media Auto-Download in Whatsapp Messanger App

  1. Open Whatsapp Messanger App in Your Phone and Go to the Settings.
  2. Open Chat Settings option in Whatsapp Settings.
  3. Go to chat setting.
  4. Select Media Auto-Download option
  5. Now deselect all media in your mobile data.

12. Use Facebook Lite App

Facebook is really an amazing app but this app is slow down your phone and also use lots of mobile data in the phone. Recently Facebook launched Facebook Lite app for slow 2G internet users and users who want saves mobile data in the phone. Facebook Lite app size is 500KB and use fewer data in the phone.

13.Reduce Data Usage in Browsing (Google Chrome Browser)

When you browse the internet in android mobile, you spend lots of data in the phone. Google Chrome browser gives you the option to save your mobile data from Data Saver feature. Turning on Data Saver feature, compress all images and web pages in Chrome for saving Mobile data.

14. Download YouTube video offline and watch many times.

If you want low-quality video to save data,  you can use Savefrom.net

15.Most Important Do not download unwanted stuff like video, songs or app.

Use these techniques and save a lot of data.If you want more tips related to Online money making,  How to hack or SEO tips simply contact me or comments below. I will feel happy to help you. Also, tell me whats your tricks to how to save mobile data.

  • Updated August 25, 2017

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