Top 12 lifehacks which will change your life

Top ten lifehacks to save your money,  to impress your friends –

There are a lot of tricks to improve your daily lifestyle,  to save money in very easy method and to impress your friends. I am sharing here top 12 lifehacks which is best among of all. By applying these top ten lifehacks you can easily  simplify your daily life routine.

1.Save your atm cards with this small tricks – First on Net.

Just put a sticker with fake pin at your atm card and If your atm will be lost/stolen and anybody try to cash out your money, Atm machine will eat your card(your card will be block)  after three wrong pin attempt. So cool!?

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2.Your phone is battery low and you want to run your phone for long time, Just put your mobile at “Airplane Mode”. You can also charge your cell phone fast by this tricks.

3.Want download YouTube video without any software, just copy video url at the and your done.


4.Hide any files at android mobile without any software. Just rename that file starting with “…” (only one dot is enough)  and enable “hide hidden file”  option.

5.Change any video to mp3 without any software. Just change  file name extension to “mp3” and you are done.

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6.When buying something online or downloading any software,  only read 3 star review because they are much familiar with all pros and cons of that product.

7.Use nail Polish to decorate your charger


8.Use opera max to maximize your data. It will save 30% of your total data.(You can also turn off your images to save more data).

9.Find direct link to download any song.
Just search this query –  filetype mp3 songsname.  To find video just change mp3 to mp4.

10.Want to save 50% money on online purchase? Just remove your credit cards details from your favorite sites. (mainly from shopping sites.


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  • Updated November 30, 2016

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